Jon Agnone, Ph.D.


Dr. Jon Agnone is the director and co-founder of NSRG. Dr. Agnone received his Ph.D. in the Department of Sociology at the University of Washington. He has nearly twenty years experience in the social research field, having engaged in every aspect of major research endeavors. Dr. Agnone has worked with various organizations in a research capacity--from non-profits and foundations, to labor unions and academic institutions. 

Dr. Agnone has in-depth knowledge of research design and implementation, as well as statistical analysis. His experience includes designing and implementing surveys, engaging in case study research, multivariate analysis, organizaional network analysis and data visualization. 

Dr. Agnone's scholarly publications have focused on how collective action on the part of social movements can affect individual and group outcomes. He has written on inequality, civil and women's rights, the environmental movement, and labor unions. He has also served as a reviewer for many highly regarded academic journals. 


Frances Contreras (Report Development Team Member, Jon Agnone). 2013. Investing in our Collective Future: Creating Prosperity in Washington State Through Latino Higher Education Attainment. Washington State Board of Community and Technical Colleges. Olympia, WA. (PDF)

Jon Agnone. 2013. King County Airports Consortium Project Report. Labor Center, AFL-CIO. Seattle, WA. (PDF).

Jon Agnone and Tyler Corwin. 2013. Entry-Level Job Requirements: An Assessment of Seattle-Area Employers. Seattle Jobs Initiative. Seattle, WA. (PDF)

Jon Agnone and Tyler Corwin. 2012. Changes in Entry-Level Jobs over the Past Decade. Seattle Jobs Initiative. Seattle, WA. (PDF)

Jon Agnone and Devin Kelly. 2009. ILWU Contract Negotiations: The Confluence of Politics, Economics and Labor. Report for the Washington State Legislature funded by Washington State Labor Research Grant, 2008-2009. (PDF)

Margaret Levi, David Olson, Jon Agnone and Devin Kelly. 2008. Union Democracy Reexamined. Report for the Washington State Legislature funded by Washington State Labor Research Grant, 2007-2008.

Lori Pfingst, Erin Maher, Jon Agnone, Heidi Berman. 2007. A Closer Look: A Regional Snapshot of Women & Girls in Western Washington. Women’s Funding Alliance/Human Services Policy Center. Seattle, WA: University of Washington. (PDF)

Publications / Book Chapters / Book Reviews

Erik Johnson, Jon Schreiner, and Jon Agnone. “The Effect of New York Times Event Coding Techniques on Social Movement Analyses of Protest Data.” Research in Social Movements, Conflict and Change 40: 263-291. (PDF)

Margaret Levi, Jon Agnone, and Amanda Clayton. 2012. “Trade Unions.” The Oxford Companion to American Politics. Oxford University Press.

Erik Johnson, Jon Agnone and John McCarthy. 2010 “Movement Organizations, Synergistic Tactics and Environmental Public Policy.” Social Forces 88, 5: 2267-2292. (PDF)

Debra Minkoff and Jon Agnone. 2010. “Consolidating Social Change: The Consequences of Foundation Funding for Developing Movement Infrastructures.” American Foundations: Roles and Contributions. David C. Hammack and Helmut K. Anheier, eds., Brookings Institution Press.

Jon Agnone. 2009. Review of Assets, Livelihoods, and Social Policy, edited by Caroline Moser and Anis A. Dani,Contemporary Sociology 38, 4: 366-367. (PDF)

Margaret Levi, David Olson, Jon Agnone and Devin Kelly. 2009. "Union Democracy Reexamined." Politics & Society, 37: 203-228. (PDF)

Debra Minkoff, Silke Aisenbrey, and Jon Agnone. 2008. “Organizational Diversity in the U.S. Advocacy Sector.”Social Problems, 55: 525–548. (PDF)

Jon Agnone. 2007. "Amplifying Public Opinion: The Policy Impact of the U.S. Environmental Movement." Social Forces, 85: 1593-1620. (PDF)

Craig Jenkins, David Jacobs and Jon Agnone. 2003. "The Development of Civil Rights Protest, 1947-1997: Collective Grievances, Mobilizing Structures and Political Opportunities." American Journal of Sociology, 109: 277-303. (PDF) [Reprinted in Readings on Social Movements: Origins, Dynamics, and Outcomes, Doug McAdam and David Snow, eds, Oxford University Press (2009).]

Manuscripts Under Review and In Preparation

Jon Agnone. “Racial Inequality in Wealth: Do Labor Unions Matter?” Book Manuscript Revision in Process.

Blog Entries, Popular Press and Notable References

Jon Agnone. 2012. "Occupy Wall Street Port Shutdowns and the ILWU." Invited blog entry for Center for the Study of Social Movements at Notre Dame.

Full resume/curriculum vitae available at LinkedIn below or by email upon request. 

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