Current and recent clients of NSRG include: 

Army Corps of Engineers, Seattle District 
NSRG provided a leadership development team at the Army Corps of Engineers with guidance on how to design and implement their survey of staff and management regarding business practices. NSRG then analyzed, created a written report and presented the findings to the leadership development team.

Casey Family Programs 
NSRG consults for Casey Family Programs on a number of different projects in the field of child welfare. Some of our services include: database construction, statistical analysis, data cleaning and coding, writing and editing academic journal articles, and survey design.

Seattle Jobs Initiative 
NSRG was contracted to write a report, Changes in Entry-Level Jobs Over the Past Decade, which examined employment in the greater Seattle area. We conceptualized these changes by examining training requirements for employment eligibility, as well as examining changes in the level of education for jobholders in the Seattle area compared to the state as a whole. Per Seattle Jobs Initiative, we focused on four economic sectors key to their work: professional and business services, logistics, healthcare, and manufacturing.

Following the release of this report, Changes in Entry-Level Jobs Over the Past Decade, the Seattle Jobs Initiative contracted with NSRG to conduct a follow-up study. This report, Entry-Level Job Requirements: An Assessment of Seattle-Area Employers, provides a more detailed assessment of shifts in applicant qualifications, how local employers define entry-level jobs, and how hiring practices are affected by education, certifications, and experience.

Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 925 
NSRG provided consultation with SEIU 925 in preparation for a Washington State Legislative hearing. The hearing was a venue to discuss the 2012 Child Care Audit Report. Our firm provided insights regarding the methodology and conclusions drawn in the report.

Further, SEIU 925 contracted with NSRG to evaluate the economic and social impact of public investments in primary and secondary schools in Whatcom County, Washington. NSRG produced a research brief detailing the potential benefits of public education expenditures, a profile of Whatcom County school districts, and the county-specific estimated returns on investment in education.

Talaris Institute
NSRG provided project management services to the Talaris Institute's Parenting Young Children Today research project, including literature review and discussion guide development, conducting ethnographic interviews, and qualitative data analysis.  

United States Studies Centre at the University of Sydney
NSRG provided survey research support to the United States Studies Centre for a project examining political attitudes of dockworkers in the United States. We are supervising the entry of paper survey data, followed by conducting analysis and generating a report on the findings.

NSRG also provided academic research support for a postdoctoral researcher in the United States Studies Centre at the University of Sydney. Our job was to assist in conceptualizing revisions on a journal article given a revise and resubmit by a major and selective academic outlet. 

University of Illinois-Chicago
NSRG provided Professors Amy Bailey (UIC) & Stewart Tolnay (University of Washington) website and database redesign under the auspices of their 2013-2015 $200,000 award from the Sociology Program at the National Science Foundation (NSF). The Lynching Database website was released in coordination with their forthcoming book, already having recieved an advanced contract from the University of North Carolina Press, titled Lynched: The Victims of Southern Mob Violence.

Washington State Arts Commission
NSRG was contracted to facilitate the 2012 Creative Vitality Index (CVI) Pilot. The pilot project explores how the CVI can
inform and advance local efforts to define, support, and advance the creative economy in communities across Washington.

Washington State Budget & Policy Center and Children's Alliance
NSRG was contracted to write a report for the Reducing Child Poverty in Washington State Policy Assessment project, which aims to reduce child poverty in Washington through state-based public policy changes. Our work included evaluating Washington State’s current public policies aimed at reducing child and adult poverty, as well as identifying public policies that are lacking in Washington that have been proven to be effective at reducing child and adult poverty in other jurisdictions. Our research served as the foundation of a published research report, In Pursuit Of Prosperity: Eight Strategies To Rebuild Washington State’s Economy, released in November 2012.

Washington State Workforce Training and Education Coordinating Board
NSRG provided research support for existing staff on two tasks: 1) Washington State Core Measure target setting, and 2) Eligible Training Provider target setting. Both projects involve utilizing multivariate regression analyses to adjust performance targets based on program participant characteristics and local labor market conditions.

Women’s Funding Alliance
NSRG was contracted to assist the Women's Funding Alliance with a funding-oriented program evaluation. We reviewed qualitative data from grantee self-evaluations, as well as wrote impact statements on each of the grantees. The summary data and stories were the central focus of WFA’s 2010 annual report.

Worker Center, AFL-CIO 
Worker Center, AFL-CIO, in partnership with the King County Economic Development Program, retained NSRG to finalize researching and writing the King County Airports Consortium Project Report. The report examines the feasibility and benefits of King County's four largest airports working together in a more formal capacity. The airports examined include King County International Airport/Boeing Field (BFI), Renton Municipal Airport (RNT), Auburn Municipal Airport (S50), and Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA). Collectively, these four airports account for 66 percent of the total number of Washington’s airport-generated jobs and 53 percent of the total statewide economic output attributable to individual airport activity.

Apart from work with NSRG, we have worked independently as consultants with: 

American Civil Liberties Union, Seattle, WA
Casey Family Programs, Seattle, WA 
The Defender Association, Seattle, WA 
Food Lifeline, Seattle, WA
Level Playing Field Institute, Oakland, CA
Martinez-Tjaden, Seattle, WA 
Our Family Coalition, San Francisco, CA
Pact: An Adoption Alliance, Emeryville, CA
University of Washington, Seattle, WA
WestEd, San Francisco, CA

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