Publications and Reports

Current and recent publications and reports by NSRG include: 

King County Airports Consortium Project Report, written for the Labor Center, AFL-CIO, examines the feasibility and benefits of King County's four largest airports working together in a more formal capacity. The airports examined include King County International Airport/Boeing Field (BFI), Renton Municipal Airport (RNT), Auburn Municipal Airport (S50), and Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA). Collectively, these four airports account for 66 percent of the total number of Washington’s airport-generated jobs and 53 percent of the total statewide economic output attributable to individual airport activity.

Entry-Level Job Requirements: An Assessment of Seattle-Area Employers, a follow-up to the Entry-Level Jobs Report written for the Seattle Jobs Initiative, was released in January, 2013. In a survey of 85 employers – and in follow-up interviews – we asked the following key questions:

  • How do employers define “entry-level” at their businesses?
  • What hourly wages are employers currently paying their entry-level workers?
  • What level of education is required for most entry-level positions at local businesses?
  • Is there a difference between job requirements and actual educational attainment of incumbent workers within entry-level positions? If so, is this difference economy-driven and cyclical, or systemic?
  • What is the comparative value of degrees, certificates and job experience in employers’ hiring decisions for entry-level positions?
  • What additional factors give applicants for entry-level positions an edge in getting hired?

Changes in Entry-Level Jobs Over the Past Decade - a report done by request for the Seattle Jobs Initiative which examined employment in the greater Seattle area. We conceptualized these changes by examining training requirements for employment eligibility, as well as examining changes in the level of education for jobholders in the Seattle area compared to the state as a whole. Per Seattle Jobs Initiative, we focused on four economic sectors key to their work: professional and business services, logistics, healthcare, and manufacturing.

Reducing Child Poverty in Washington State Policy Assessment - a report done by request for the Washington State Budget & Policy Center and Children's Alliance. Our work included evaluating Washington State’s current public policies aimed at reducing child and adult poverty, as well as identifying public policies that are lacking in Washington that have been proven to be effective at reducing child and adult poverty in other jurisdictions.

Women's Funding Alliance 2010 annual report impact statements - NSRG was contracted to assist the Women's Funding Alliance with drafting the impact statements on each of the four grantees featured in the 2010 annual report.


Publications and reports by NSRG principles are found via the links below: 

Jon Agnone, Ph.D.

Tyler Corwin, M.A.

Cyndy Snyder, Ph.D.


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