How We Work

Although based in the Pacific Northwest, the Northwest Social Research Group is able to meet the needs of clients both locally and globally. We are happy to meet our clients in person whenever possible, but are also able to work remotely, consulting by phone, email, and accessing files safely and securely over the internet. 


There is no fee for our initial consultation. We will start by listening to your needs, understanding the necessities of your situation, and provide a project proposal inclusive of a timetable, deliverables, and budgetary projections. We realize that each client and project is unique. Accordingly, we at NSRG are amenable to various fee structures, whether you prefer an hourly rate, a fixed price based on deliverables, or a retainer contract. As a small and independent consulting firm, we are able to provide our clients with research consultation at rates below those of larger firms without sacrificing our commitment to the rigors of scientific integrity.  


The Northwest Social Research Group commits to projects spanning various research areas with one commonality: the necessity of bringing our analytical, statistical and methodological expertise to solve a given problem. All of our projects are coordinated and worked on exclusively by NSRG's managing partners. We only subcontract work as necessary and with your prior approval as outlined in our work contract. 

An Interactive Process 

We believe in engagement and transparency with our clients. As such, we prefer to build into our contracts the ability to showcase our ongoing work to make sure you approve of our progress. Further, we are always available to discuss any questions or concerns between regularly scheduled project reporting.

Final Products

The types of deliverables differ for each client. We are able to assist clients with all phases of the research process.  Depending on the your needs as a client, NSRG provides support assisting with the setup of research questions, collecting and analyzing data, writing and summarizing the results of data, and preparing professionally designed and printed reports. 

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